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2022 Interior Design Trends I'm Loving

When it comes to trends in interior design, I always enjoy reading and discussing them, and of course incorporating into my upcoming projects! I'm constantly feeling inspired by other designers, in fact I pulled a few of my trends for 2022 from Laurel Bern of "Laurel Home Blog" -- she is so entertaining to read and is funny as all get out.

Just like fashion, trends in design are particular to the individual. For example, I'm not a big fan of the "poncho" but hey on some women (and men for that matter) the poncho looks great. So just because it's a trend doesn't mean that I'm going to invest in a poncho... you get my drift!

Laurel talked about the trends of 2022 that were published in the House Beautiful magazine -- it's so easy to make an expensive mistake in interior design so I reiterate that we don't follow every trend out there. The three trends I'm taking away are as follows:

  1. Live Plants and Greenery: these are a must have in a home for me, and always have been! It's hard to have live plants in a home that's seasonal for you, but there are services out there to help you maintain your live greenery, there may even be an app!

  2. Vintage Pieces: I can't decide if I would consider this a trend or a "must have". Everyone has that piece of china or a photo that's been passed down through the generations that their grandmother or mother gave them. I love antique pieces incorporated into a home, and feel that it makes it look more homey and personalized.

  3. Natural Fabrics: I have always been big on 100% cotton, linen or silk and the new trend is Boucle Fabric. It's not necessarily for everyone - think of those sheep you see standing to greet you when you walk into a retail store - but natural fabrics, that is for everyone.

  4. Black Accents: Incorporating a bit of black into every room has been a go-to of mine for the entirety of my 40 year career. It's not a design "trend" necessarily, but more of a staple.

  5. Versatile Spaces: This is something I am constantly working on for my clients. Especially in today's times, everyone is in need of a guest room to function for sleeping and also office work. A dining room that they don't use often so we can make it functional for something else. Most of my clients are living in a smaller space in Naples, and assume they can't have it all - but I disagree! Versatile spaces are a trend I only see continuing as we begin to use our homes in so many different ways.

  6. Marble: Now, this is kind of a funny "trend". When I first moved to Florida, I thought marble was everywhere - almost too much. I don't like to go too extreme on any one finish, I'd consider my design style a bit more conservative. Laurel's blog shows another designer who is standing in front of a shower wall that is "dripping" - and I mean "dripping" with marble. Not that everyone's tastes are the same, but to me, a little goes a long way. Too much marble can seriously come off like a mausoleum!

The last year brought so many new design trends and I've so enjoyed incorporating them into my projects. As we take on the new year, I hope you reflect on the above as more of "must haves" for your home.

Merry, merry and happy new year!

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