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A Designer's Take on Holiday Hosting

If you are like me, you have friends and family flocking to Naples to visit for the holidays. I'm bringing a unique take to the holidays as an interior designer to help you get through the season smoothly!

A huge part of interior design is organization. When it comes to hosting, I have to say that Elizabeth Mayhew may have it all right! She is a guru at entertaining. She suggests taking your grocery list, making it at least a week in advance and organizing it by aisle, dairy, produce, etc. I will definitely be using this holiday hosting hack!

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An organized and functional home is crucial to hosting!

My go-to process for prepping my home for the holidays includes taking out all my serving dishes a few days in advance. I label them each with sticky notes as to what I am going to place on each dish. Then comes the inner designer in me - the table! I love the analogy Elizabeth gives that the table is a theatre. You set the stage, and it's a bit of a performance for friends and family.

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If you don't have seasonal tableware on hand, pick up a few fun accessories from a local craft store and add to your napkin ring.

My holiday table design is buffet style, so I'll utilize my kitchen island design to be "staged" for the performance with beautiful serving platters, candles, flowers... the works. One thing I would definitely recommend is having extra folding tables on hand, so you can create the table for as many or as few guests as you are expecting. I also recommend using a local party rental store to get extra party chairs on hand. If you're local to Naples, you can't go wrong with Taylor Rentals!

Add some ambiance (and much needed lighting) to your table with lots of candles or lanterns. I always love using the battery operated pillar candles to create a soft glow on my holiday feast. I enjoy accessorizing my table with napkins, placemats, chargers and napkin rings. I keep all my tableware organized (thanks to a professional organizer I hired for my home) so everything is on-hand and accessible.

Once guests leave the table, you'll want to make sure the rest of your home is equally festive and functional. Do a quick sweep to make sure you have fresh towels and toiletries on hand in your guest bath and even add a few candles in each room for continued ambiance.

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Elevate your guest room with beautiful china and chocolates!

I absolutely love entertaining and creating spaces for myself (and my clients) that others can enjoy. There is nothing like having a group in for the holidays for laughter and love!

If you're looking to spruce up your home for holiday hosting, make sure to give me a call.

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