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Fall Trends in Naples, Florida Interior Design

It may not feel like fall here in sunny Naples, Florida, but as an interior designer I always have an eye out for what's to come around the corner. That's why I put together my favorite fall trends as a quick preview of what you can expect to see in upcoming design projects!

Vintage Antiques

Similar to traditional holiday meals, comfort can be found in your home's furniture and decor. I personally love antiques, and always encourage clients to find new life in a current piece they own or browse antique stores with me to hunt for that hidden gem or vintage China. For example, I have two antique chairs and matching footstools from a flea market in Paris that found a permanent home in my master bedroom, and my mother has a rocking chair that she kept from her grandfather! These are beautiful and timeless ways to incorporate something special into your home's decor. I also find that antique pieces elevate a space, making it feel more "established" and provides a sense of security from the pre-pandemic past.

Soft Textures and Rattan

Warmth and texture always find their way into our homes in the fall season. I love the look of Sisal, and I always encourage my clients to consider incorporating it as a texture into their homes. They are able to sample it to truly experience the texture, and often say "yes" to this design element for both it's look and feel! I also enjoy using soft ottomans or poufs, decorative window seat cushions with a soft touch or a gentle throw blanket that can be used to curl up by a fire during cooler months. I also enjoy the look and feel of Rattan, which I see to be a huge trend this season as it's being shown in a variety of furniture pieces including console tables, bar carts and desks.. the list goes on!

Bringing the Outdoors In

During the pandemic, we have really learned how spending time outside can help you feel healthier and more alive. I've begun incorporating this concept into my clients' homes by having more light in their rooms through natural sources, chandeliers, pendants, lamps and incandescent lighting. Also, bringing in brighter patterns like floral fabrics can instantly bring light and joy into any space. I predict fall trends also including lots of greenery through real and faux plants.

If you're planning on redoing your entire home or just a certain space this season, make sure to give me a call! I love incorporating seasonal trends in a timeless way to create a space that's both up to date and also uniquely YOU!

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