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Interior Design in Naples and Beyond!

Aside from working on many projects with design clients here in Naples, I've also taken on a few projects from St. Louis! Here's a quick rundown of what's on my plate right now.

The first client I am working with in St. Louis is looking for two new bathrooms, one being a master bath. I am upgrading their space with fun tiles, new cabinets and new mirrors. I pride my design on being timeless, so we chose white cabinetry for this job and added unique hardware. I look forward to sharing the final bathroom renovations with you all!

Another St. Louis client called while I was in town (I used to live there!) and is looking to transform a space into a "study" are for her family. I'll be using a local cabinet company to custom design a functional and gorgeous setup for them to create a room they'll use more often! For the same family, I'll transform a once shared room into an independent room for one child, and another room into one for the other. Exciting design changes are coming to this wonderful family!

Some of my clients are in both St. Louis and Naples -- I recently freshened up their Naples condo with new paint and artwork. We'll be installing new window treatments and making a fun change with a new bedspread. Another client is remodeling a condo down the street from my own here in Naples, which has been very convenient. This remodel will include new furniture, taking down a few obstructing walls, new paint, and more. I'm hoping to complete this in time for Naples' "season" - here in a few months. For another client, a full bathroom remodel is underway. I love to stay busy!

The Le Ciel high rise in Naples is home to a client I am helping with custom built-in's in several rooms and a complete overhaul of their laundry room. We also touched up some wallpaper. Just down the way, a project I'm working on in La Mer is also coming along in time for season! I'll be installing more built-ins for their family room as well as new lighting and furniture. We'll finish it off with fresh paint and an updated layout for their furniture.

In addition to projects in Le Ciel and La Mer, I also have clients in Grammercy, Bay Shore Place, Hammock Bay and even a project in Sanibel. These all include remodels, new furniture, updated paint, window treatments, etc.

If you follow me on social media, you've kept up with the massive remodeling project being completed at Horizon House in Naples. This is a double unit that will be combined and completely redone from top to bottom to create an open floor plan home that's both timeless and up to date. Take a look at just a few before and after photos to see the progress we've already made! I can't wait to share the final vision for this gorgeous high rise home.

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