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Naples Remodels: Love Your Home Away From Home

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When I talk to clients about home renovations in Naples, Florida, the biggest deterrent is typically the headache of it all! Doing a remodel - whether it's on the larger scale or even a single room - can certainly bring an element of stress. I recommend avoiding this hassle by scheduling your project for your "off-season" time away from Naples.

home renovations in naples florida

With a variety of renovations here in Naples under my belt, I certainly have worked with the best in the business. My go-to is Russ Torrisi of Naples Custom Remodeling. I always recommend him for my clients as we work together from start to finish, leaving no detail unnoticed! What's the importance of hiring a contractor? They understand the scope of the work, estimates the cost (what the REAL cost will be) and physically builds out the interior of the space.

My role with your contractor is to work with them on managing the budget, timeline and quality of the workmanship. Thankfully, Russ and I have plenty of work experience together, so we are always able to provide a smooth project for clients! After the contractor comes up with the scope of work, it is good to sit down with the client and go line-by-line to ensure the contractor's list aligns with the client's and the designer's. This also allows us to provide the client with an up front "true cost" and identify items to be ordered right away, especially with today's shipping times!

Another benefit to hiring a designer and contractor duo for your Naples renovation is that we become the eyes and ears throughout the process through constant communication with the client. We are always available to jump on the job site and oversee, even if it is to watch paint dry! We are familiar with what suppliers deliver on time and which quality products come in damage free.

A good contractor and designer make your time up north worry-free. Whether you are looking for a fully custom home, a ground-up new build or just a kitchen and bath remodel, you can trust that we will be thee eyes you need on your project here in Naples!

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