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New Year, New Home!

Whew! What a year. Happy (almost) New Year! I have been busy this holiday season, my family is once again all together here in Naples (which I love) but it definitely keeps me hopping! I feel as though it's back to those high school days, with cooking, laundry, working and more! Which brings me to this post. With the new year upon us, I sat down to brainstorm some ways to improve your home in 2021.

Although I am an all or nothing person when it comes to renovations, I do see the value in small changes. A small change that makes a huge impact is upholstery. One thing I've noticed since my move to Naples is that everyone needs a sofa. I don't mean just any sofa - a comfortable, good quality sofa that will last more than a few years. Aside from the obvious comfort of a sofa, Naples residents also aim to get the most "entertaining" space out of their homes. To achieve this, I have been doing a lot of sectionals in clients' homes. You could say I've been around the block a few times when it comes to picking the perfect sofa, so here's a few tips I'd follow.

  1. Quality is important! I have owned several sofas from Vanguard - I love them because they are stylish, good quality and comfortable.

  2. Fabric choice is essential to a great couch. If you want your furniture to last, go with a darker fabric or something that is easy to clean. One of my go-to's is Sunbrella! It's a great line of fabrics for indoor and out.

  3. As I mentioned before, size is important. Here in Naples, you want to make use of every inch you have for entertaining family and friends. Sectionals, pull-out couches and something smaller in size but comfy and deep is a great place to start.

I'd like to revisit my love of Vanguard - I find it easy to recommend to clients because of the price and quality. With that being said, my most comfortable couch came from a manufacturer that has been around for years - Thayer Coggin. If you have a larger home with a big entertaining area, this is the couch for you! If you don't want to take my word for it, they've been selling the same sectional since the 70's.

Baker also makes a comfortable sofa - and I love a chair from them that I've used in my own home for 20 years. My new "try" will be a stylish sectional from Hickory Chair by Suzanne Kasler. I know it won't be my last sofa, but I'm hoping it'll last a while.

So, why am I diving into couches, chairs and fabrics? A great way to create a "new" home in 2021 is freshening your upholstery! If you're looking for more of a "major overhaul" - read on.

My next move is going to be into a three bedroom condo. Once again, I am an all or nothing gal, so I love doing the entire space! We're talking knocking down walls and figuring out space you didn't even know you had. Many condos built years ago didn't consider the laundry area or a work from home space - so when renovating a home I prioritize these as must have spaces. I don't mind lower ceilings in some units as I tend to find it charming, but I'm also a fan of lifting and opening a room like the newer homes being built with high ceilings.

There's definitely a happy medium, knowing what to give and taken when remodeling or building. Don't get overwhelmed - it's a puzzle that I find fun to figure out! If you're ready to revamp your home in the new year, give me a call. Let's make 2021 better than the year we all just had!



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