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Seasonal Naples Homes: Create Your Beach Oasis!

Throughout the summer, I help clients with their home away from home - their beach oasis here in Naples. I always enjoy preparing their "nest" for when they come back down south for season. There's something so wonderful about finalizing their space for their arrival back home, although I've come to realize a lot of work goes on behind the scenes! I'm sharing a few ways to perfect your home during your time away to fully enjoy it for seasonal visits.

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Adding artwork to a client's home prior to their arrival in Naples!

A few ways to instantly freshen up a space while you're away include painting cabinets or reupholstering furniture for a quick and easy transformation when you come back. Some clients prefer to optimize their time away and enlist my help in a full renovation so they don't have to incur the stress of being on-site throughout their home's changes. For example, I am working on a full remodel for northern clients right now in their 4,000 square foot beachfront condo, to be completed for their arrival back down in Naples in season. Side note, I can't wait to share this reveal!

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Full Remodel Underway for Seasonal Clients

For many northern clients, there is an overarching goal of making the most out of their Naples condo floor plan. For most, their Naples home is much smaller than their full-time residences, so I often aim to open up their space through properly scaled furniture or even opening up the home through demolition of walls. Another way to instantly upgrade your seasonal residence is by brightening the space with color and textures. I like to incorporate this through wallcoverings, paint and of course linens and furniture. It's a simple and effective way to change your space in the short amount of time you're away in the off-season.

While my clients are out of town, I always aim to find inspiration and new pieces for them through trips to a design showhouse. I often visit design sites in Palm Beach or The Hamptons - I am actually headed to one in a week - and come home with great finds for my clients to include in their re-entry to Naples.

On a final note, it's almost impossible not to address the current design climate of delayed shipping times and reduced availability of furniture when ordering custom or out of state. For my seasonal clients who are looking to have pieces available immediately, I always love to shop local and quickly source anything from lighting to a great new sofa.

Interior design in naples florida
Sourcing Lighting at a Local Store for Immediate Install

If you're a part-time Naples resident looking to transform your home during your time away, make sure to reach out! We can do anything from a single room project to a full renovation - and all you have to do is open the door and enjoy!

Until Next Time -

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