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Summer Home Projects for Florida Residents

Naples, Florida is a true "seasonal" town, with most part-time residents heading back to their northern homes come May. For full-time Naples residents, the summertime is an ideal opportunity to use your newfound downtime for projects around the house and sprucing up your home in time for hosting guests once more come October.

I often work closely alongside full-time clients who are looking to do small renovation projects or make plans for larger renovations during this time. For those who aren't looking to take on a task this size, I have a few recommendations for freshening your space over the summer.

Reupholster Household Furniture

Having lived full-time in Naples for almost four years now there are a few things I've learned about being a Florida resident. Oftentimes, our seasonal months become a vacation for for friends and families, so our homes tend to become a bit of a bed and breakfast. As fun as spending time in your home with guests can be, it can really cause wear and tear on your furniture! I always recommend reupholstering commonly used pieces over the summer for an instant refresh on your favorite sitting areas. It's a great way to extend the lifetime of your treasured finds.

Update Throws and Accent Pillows

Nothing changes your space quicker than swapping out throw blankets and accent pillows! I always recommend taking some time over the summer to go through and select updated accent pieces to add new color and pattern to your room. It's an easy and inexpensive way to enjoy new energy in your home! Plus, nothing beats curling up with a comfy blanket throughout a summer rainstorm.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Nothing says summer like al fresco dining or tending to your garden. I always recommend prepping for the summer season by flipping couch cushions and dusting off outdoor lanterns and decor. You'd be surprised at the impact something as small as flipping cushions can have for the aesthetic of your space and also the longevity of your outdoor furniture! Swapping potted plants, accessories and outdoor candles is a great way to freshen up your area, too.

Are you a full-time Naples resident looking to accomplish your summer projects or plan ahead for season? Contact me to accomplish your design goals!

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