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Take a Seat: Sofas I'm Loving for Spring!

Being an interior designer in Naples, I've learned a few staples that homeowners here love to see in their spaces. Whether it's a huge home or a beachside condo, a great sofa is a necessity to any Naples home! Your fabrics must be durable for weather and lots of usage, and stylish enough to become a focal point in the room. Choosing a sofa is usually an investment and one that you will live with for a long time. If you're curious as to what I'm selecting for my client's homes, read on!

Comfort is number one. If you don't like the way it sits or feels, you probably won't love your sofa! My personal favorite is the down mix - it does require a bit more maintenance but it is so comfortable and worth the extra work! My tip? Once a week, pouf your pillows and cushions, and move around the seat, back and t-shaped cushions to keep them fresh and full.

Speaking of t-shaped cushions... this is one of my favorite styles (see below) and is thought to be more of a traditional look. For my interior design clients here in Naples, I suggest a track arm sofa with square cushioning and a wrapped bottom. For those looking to achieve the more traditional style, I select a t-cushion with a skirted base and an English arm. Have I lost you yet!? Did you even realize there are so many different sofa styles!?

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The next most important element of selecting a sofa is the fabric. When it comes to choosing a sofa for your condo design in Naples, there are so many good choices for style and durability! Sunbrella is one of my go-to options, as they have fabrics that are easy to care for and clean. To compliment the coastal tones of many homes, I prefer a white or neutral shade. If you're looking to add that well-adored velvet couch look, I select a punch of velvet for throw pillows.

I'm going to let you in on a designer secret for keeping your pillows plump and fresh. If you put your sofa seat cushions outside on a clear, sunny day for at least 30 minutes (flip and do another 30 for the alternative side) - you will be amazed at what the warmth and fresh air will do to plump those cushions up!

I hope to have caught you just in time for spring cleaning and re-decorating for the season. May this become your ultimate sofa shopping guide, or give me a call and I can get something functional and fun for your space!

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