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Refresh Your Home's Design

Refresh Your Home's Design

Curious as to what it takes to refresh your home or condo? As many of you know, I am an “all or nothing” person when it comes to interiors. Personally, I think you should just go for the gusto and totally gut and renovate, or do nothing at all! With many Naples residents returning to their home for season, it’s the perfect time to consider refreshing your place with upgraded lighting, paint, flooring, accessories and more.

Over the years, design trends will change and evolve, so it’s always a good idea to consider mixing up a few elements of your home to keep it current. Here are a few of my suggestions for those interested in refreshing their home this year:

Fix Your Fixtures

Lighting fixtures can make a huge difference in a space, just see the impact of this gorgeous fixture for an entryway that WOWS! I’ll make it simple for you. If you haven’t updated your lighting in the last 10 years… it is time! When choosing fixtures, think either white and light, chrome, or go with a trendy brass option.

A statement fixture adds a bold element to any room!

Wood that Works

Painting cabinets is a much quicker and less expensive way to make an impact in your kitchen without having to overhaul. White is my go-to cabinet color, but blues and tranquil greens are also very popular right now and will definitely update your space.

Upgrade From the Ground Up

This is another “if you haven’t upgraded in 10 years… it’s time” moment for your home. New flooring is a great way to elevate your space and rid your house of old carpet in favor of wood or tile. You’ll need rugs to cover hard surfaces, but I highly recommend swapping out carpeted flooring and carrying wood or tile throughout your entire space.

Ceiling Statement

I love the look of exposed beams! They add warmth to a space without it feeling heavy, especially if you have the ceiling height for them. This can be a more involved upgrade to your home, but the dramatic impact they make is always worth it.

Fresh Paint, Please!

There’s no easier or less expensive way to refresh a space than a new coat of paint on the walls. Don’t forget about your trim and ceiling, too! I am always a fan of adding a pop of color to all FIVE walls for a dramatic change.

No Paint? No Problem.

Many people are afraid of hanging wallpaper in Florida due to the humidity, but if you hire the right hanger, you’ll never have a problem! Wallpaper is so popular right now and can truly transform a room. If you’re not sure where to start, just give me a call. I know the best in the business to get your wallpaper on right!

Wallpaper added an instant upgrade to this hallway bathroom

Choose a Fun Fabric

There’s two major benefits to swapping out the bedding in your house. One is that it completely changes a room and the other is that it makes you feel good, too! Head to my social media for a video on building a luxurious bed with new sheets, coverlets, and pillows. You can go all-white for a clean look or add a pop of color with throw pillows or a fun lightweight blanket.

Renovate Your Rooms

Any realtor will tell you that an upgrade to your bathrooms and kitchen will add instant value to your home. My suggestion? Do it now so you can enjoy it before you sell! Take a look at this kitchen’s before and after for proof of what a good renovation can do.

An outdated kitchen in need of major upgrade.

I upgraded this space from top to bottom! Sometimes, a full gut

and renovation is required for a modern look.

Build Space for Your Stuff

Are you finding yourself in need of extra shelving space? Does your TV need a “home”? Make the most of your storage by working with a carpenter to customize an entertainment center or custom built-ins to add both efficiency and style.

The Final Details

I work with an amazing showroom here in Naples that allows you to customize every door in your house. Swap out your current doors and hardware for something more up-to-date for instant impact.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be! All of these things can be accomplished, you just need to choose where you want to begin. Give me a call and we’ll begin refreshing your home in time for season and the holidays!

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